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I Want To Sell My Tins,
How Do I Do It?


Study The Photos On The Tins We Buy Page

Study all the photos on this web site. If you have a few of those you see here or something like it, please contact us first. Please be prepared to email photos of your unique tins if they are not pictured on this web site.

The tins must have advertising printed on them depicting a brand along with a graphical image. Your tins must be at least 4-7/8 inches tall, exceptions are shallow square tins (where the image is on the lid).

Tins can be square, rectangular, octagonal or round. Vintage tins can  have surface wear and some rust. Newer tins (dated from 1980+) need to be in better condition. Dents are okay.

We purchase lots of 1 or more tins.

We Buy Band Aid Tins

We Buy Advertising Tins!


The tins will ship safely with limited padding in the box. Save the extra cost of shipping with limited packing material. Line each tin with plastic grocery bags and pack tins within tins. Beware of the extra cost of large boxes with a girth (length of longest side plus measurement around entire package) that exceeds 130 inches, this will make the your shipping cost unnecessarily expensive.

We do not buy EVERYTHING and we do not always buy every side of each tin.

Please - Serious Inquiries Only!

Tins sent without prior approval will be considered a gift. Please contact us prior to sending your tins!

What We Pay

  • $5.00 per usable side (some tins have as many as 5 usable sides making that tin’s price $25.00)
  • Ship cost is included in our prices. You are responsible for the cost of shipping, we suggest using the cheapest route.
  • Do not be discouraged! Your tins might sell at yard sales for 50 cents. eBay is an option, but it is time-consuming and sellers fees will reduce your final price.
  • We issue a check* upon receipt and inspection of the tins. We will not issue payment prior to receiving them. 
  • Please email us for references or check our feedback online.
  • Payment is processed and issued within 24 hours.

    *payments can be issued through PayPal or Zelle, upon request

We Buy Campfire Marshmallows Tins

We Buy Ginger Wafers Tins

We Buy Old Coffee Tin CansWe Buy Reproduction Tins!

If You Donate

  • We will pay your cost for shipping the tins to us. Or, we will make a switch plate from your donated tins. Please specify!
  • Please choose the cheapest route for shipping.
  • We require a minimum donation of 4 tins if you want your shipping costs refunded or for a switch plate.
  • Please send only advertising tins that meet our requirements.
  • Donated tins do not require prior approval, but we do ask you to follow our guidelines by sending tins we can use.

We Are Not Interested In

Holiday tins | Tobacco tins (except some Red Man tins) | Trails End Popcorn tins | Tins with paper or plastic labels | Danish and Scottish cookie tins | Heavily grooved tins | Figural tins | Decorative tins | Aluminum soda cans | Milky Way tins | Nestle Toll House Cookie tins | Most Tootsie Roll tins (except those pictured on this site) | Liquor tins (except those mentioned) | Heavily rusted tins, inside or out | Tins with loss of image due to surface wear | Round shallow tins | Tins that are too small (like Altoids) | Shallow one pound coffee tins |
Tins owned by heavy cigarette smokers that are stained yellow

Please View All Photos Of Tins We Buy

We Buy Old Baking Pans and Metal Bakeware

We Also Buy Old Baking Pans

Old brand name baking pans wanted! These can be round, square or rectangular. We buy cake pans, loaf pans, cookie sheets, pizza pans and more. We are interested in Bake King, Ovenex, Ekcoloy, Bake-Rite, Calumet, Morton, Table Talk, Bakerex . . . and???

Most of these pans will show signs of years of use from baking brownies, cookies, breads, meatloafs, pizza and cakes! Surface wear is fine, as is some rust. Scratches are desirable because it shows these were used, which adds to their charm!

Ekco Safety Ring Pot Covers

These are flat and were once used to stack pots on the stove to make more room for cooking, while keeping food warm.
We pay $5.00 per pot cover.

We Want To Buy Ekco Pot Covers

We Buy Old Metal Flour SiftersWe Buy Pie Pans

Table Talk Pie Pans & Old Flour Sifters

Sifters can be metal or copper-plated, pie pans with or without holes, but all should be marked with an embossed brand name.

Guidelines for buying pans is about the same as the guidelines for buying tins. Since many of these pans
are old, surface wear is to be expected, but excessive rust or cooked on grime will not be acceptable.

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